Intimidating team names list

Walking the same path, the deeds of one are the deeds of all Even among friends, the star of evil shining like gold Nyarth! This even led Giovanni to forget that they were members of the crime organization to begin with!

However, like all of Team Rocket's aspirations, they were for naught, since she evolved into a Dustox...which Jessie loved anyway.

First, I’d like to reiterate that superhero names generally don’t matter very much and probably won’t mean the difference between getting published and getting rejected.

That said, if you can’t come up with a superhero name or a team name, here are some possible sources of inspiration. Something thematically and/or symbolically appropriate. For example, “Captain America” is more interesting than “Shield Throwing Man,” because the America and military angles matter more to his story than the details of his superpowers.

It develops an intense dislike of Ash's Pikachu, so Team Rocket targets it.

Jessie, after losing her usual luck with throwing regular Poké Balls, uses James' Luxury Ball to catch it.

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