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Japanese entertainment is abuzz with recent magazine reports that actor-singer Yamashita Tomohisa and actress Ishihara Satomi are reportedly dating each other, nearly a year after doing the rom-com (From Five to Nine) together.

Both have been rumored to have dating many of their respective former costars, which is totally fine since single, young, and dating is not a crime.

According to a regular at the restaurant there were two other men that accompanied them, but it appeared that Satomi and Takanori were in their own little world. At first they enjoyed conversations about the drama and Satomi’s college time but as Satomi, who is older, had more to drink she began to act sweetly towards the younger Takanori.At a recent press conference for , Takanori spoke candidly about working with Satomi, stating that he was envied by his label-mates, EXILE’s Takahiro and Matsu, and hopes “for a kiss scene as well as for their characters to get together”.He also added that he is the type who will “confess right away if I like someone.”Netizens speculated that the couple may have developed feelings for each other after working closely together on set, but neither Satomi nor Takanori has responded to the rumours.Actress Satomi Ishihara and EXILE’s Takanori Iwata were spotted hanging out together late at night.Satomi was seen entering a taxi from her condominium past midnight.

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