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Along the way, they also picked up an Ivor Novello award, and a Grammy nomination.Amid all that global expansionism, one might’ve expected them now to have left their roots far behind them.

Since there’s so much detail to discover in your mixes, what do you think the best format is for hearing your music — high-resolution files, or on vinyl? You don’t realize why you love something or why it makes you feel warm, but we didn’t know what we were in the making of the first and second album.Katie White of The Tings Tings is lamenting the fact that she’s reached her BPM limit when it comes to modern EDM.“I don’t think every dance-oriented record that comes out has to be that fast,” she tells Digital Trends.I mean, it’s good, but you’ve got to take, like a ton of drugs! This record wouldn’t fit in with the BPMs being played. It’s been flying high for a few years, and it’s great, and there is a place for it.” The song is exactly that — being in that club at 4 in the morning and re-evaluating your life, and why you’ve ended up there. A big, conscious decision that we made on this album was to slow down the BPM. But we thought, “ has kind of a Nile Rodgers/Chic/Duran/Power Station thing going on. But I don’t think every dance-oriented record that comes out has to be like that.

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It sounds really pathetic, and I feel like a teenager for saying this, but we smoked a lot of weed (both laugh), and then we ditched it. Before we got to Ibiza, we never would have written lyrics with the word “baby” in them. Before, we had just made the records ourselves, in a little room.

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