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More worryingly, it's not hard to see how the plan could come at the expense of an internet that, for the most part, doesn’t discriminate against certain apps and websites.None of this is to say that Pai's plan is correct or wrong, though.

But when those customers get their internet, there’s a good chance they’ll be subject to whatever level of service Charter wants to provide, because there won't be any other competition. Nearly everything Pai has done as FCC chief involves freeing up ISPs to make more money.But it could be prohibitive for the poor; again, it's a trade-off.The assumption in all this, though, is that the big ISPs must have total control over their internet infrastructure at be incentivized to expand and improve their networks in the first place, because we are only going to increase our dependence on, and usage of, the internet as time goes on. That they prevent ISPs from discriminating against certain traffic is great, but they effectively accept that the current ISPs are pseudo-monopolies, then ask them to not to make things any worse.They ensure competition Read any speech Pai has given in the last year and you’ll see he always talks about expanding access to broadband.

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