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Eureka came across as really self-aware in the interview at r32. She knows exactly what bothered people about her attitude and is prepared to adjust it accordingly.I loved that but we'll see how she comes across in the actual show. Of interest is her great exploration/take-down of Call Me By Your Name[quote]To repeat, this is strange!He's also impossibly tall and I find very tall guys who are proud bottoms extremely hot.My excitement for the new season went down markedly after watching that but it can't be any worse than the ongoing borefest that is AS3, can it?

However, the only two that actively grate are Vanessa Mateo and Hamasaki.I'd flaunt my body on Insta as well if I looked like that.Dusty Ray Bottoms is another one who seems really well-balanced.Eurgh, these people are so damn handsome out of drag. Not really the feeling I'm looking for when watching Drag Race but whatever, bring on the next season! Things can only go up from Season 9 - the fact that it came down to a transgender and a lecturing academic at the end spoke volumes about that season.The poster above me is correct in saying that Kameron Michaels is thirsty as all fuck but still I hope he motivates me to workout more while he's parading his bod on the show. Apparently they're bringing back the old Untucked format, which is great, but the Untucked intros from seasons past would often unintentionally spoil the elimination order by the amount of times the queens were seen in different looks.

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Yeah, I liked Sasha on her season but she comes across as stilted and inauthentic in those interviews with the queens.

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