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He came into the town of Jericho and there were a bunch of people who wanted to hear what he had to say, and Zacchaeus was one of those people.

But no one really liked Zacchaeus because he was a tax collector.

By Jolene Engle, Contributing Writer On December 19, 1997, on a sandy beach in Southern California, my Beloved etched words in the sand asking me to be his wife. I knew at that moment that God handed We had a three month courtship and three month engagement which made our beginnings sound like a romantic fairy tale coming straight from Hollywood. Just one month after our vows I entered into the world of ill-health at age 28.

Surgery was in order because I had pre-cancerous cells of my cervix.

“But around album two, I got a lot of great advice. Lo was so nice to me and so sweet to me when I wrote with her.

She told me to get a Pinterest and write down all of my visions, and I did that. We're making a lot of pictures and putting them together, it's great!

Choosing happiness doesn’t seem to be too much of a stretch for the singer these days.

One of the only things people remember about Zacchaeus was the fact that he was short.

Inevitably, my wife or I have preceded them out the door for one reason or another – to shovel the driveway, get the mail, or just check out the beauty of God’s amazing creation.

When we do, of […] By Jolene Engle, Contributing Writer Where are all the older women? Likewise, teach the older women to be reverent in the way they live, not to be slanderers or addicted to much wine, but to teach what is good.

Through the unbearable journey that the Lord took me through, the original Gift Giver knew what we needed in order to draw closer to Him, as well as to one another. Christ allowed my husband and I to endure incredible financial hardship over a span of 5 yrs.

so He could mold us even more and make us better vessels to build His kingdom.

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