Microsoft money not updating share prices

For example, if you’ve had your payouts on hold, but would like to have a payout generated in June, then make sure to toggle the payout hold status to Off before the end of May.

Note Your Payout hold status selection applies to all revenue sources that are paid through Windows Dev Center (Microsoft Store, advertising, Azure Marketplace, etc.).

You can also use additional pricing features such as choosing different prices for different markets or putting your app on sale.To place your payments on hold, go to Account settings.Under Financial details, in the Payout hold status section, toggle the slider to On.If you choose to put your payouts on hold, we’ll continue to record any revenue that you earn and provide the details in your Payout summary.However, we won’t send any payments to your account until you remove the hold.

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You also have the option to enter a free-form price of your choosing in a specific market’s local currency.

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