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Completely trusting the system, which says these relationships build up a better profile which will choose their soulmate, they stick with their terrible relationships – that is, until Frank and Amy run into each other at a garden party and realise they actually liked each other.After Amy and Lenny’s romance expires, Amy is assigned multiple short flings, which she finds meaningless.It’s not as successful as last series’ San Junipero, but we won’t complain – we always need a bit more love in the world.

The timer says five years – but, due to Frank breaking the promise, the time begins to rapidly reduce, leaving the couple with just 20 hours.When Amy find out, she storms off, both of them left heartbroken.Amy is soon notified that her pairing day with a soulmate she has never met before is imminent, and she can meet someone else to say goodbye to.The simulations are actually an app’s algorithm to find IRL people their true loves.The matched party-goers lock eyes across the room, and the episode ends.

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