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Today's top concern is a lethal bird flu that jumped from poultry to more than 1,500 people in China since 2013. That misnamed Spanish flu "made all the world a killing zone," wrote John M.Last year it mutated, meaning millions of just-in-case vaccine doses in a U. Barry in "The Great Influenza: The Story of the Deadliest Pandemic in History." Historians think it started in Kansas in early 1918.Protection dropped to 19 per cent a few years ago when the vaccine didn't match an evolving virus.If a never-before-seen flu strain erupts, it takes months to brew a new vaccine.

Her background in TV and film (she was a badass security diva alongside Pamela Anderson on “V. P.”) makes her a fun and enthusiastic instructor at The Wall, one of TBL’s favorite fitness studios (opening its gorgeous Los Angeles flagship studio in a few months). That being said, I make sure that I surround myself with people who celebrate me, people that are smart and that I can learn from and bring the best out of me. What are the key issues in perimenopause and menopause when it comes to working out and wellness? The hot flashes, inability to sleep and the awful monster, anxiety. When this part of life blind sides you a lot has to change. I love drinking wine with girlfriends and talking shit:) or NETFLIX!!!! My mental beauty secret is gratitude, I do my list of 10 first thing everyday after meditation and prayer. We also can’t wait for Superbodies By Nat, a program in which Natalie focuses on weight control and workout designed for your age. I want to be the best version of myself so that I can help others reach all of there goals. You have to workout different, eat different and find a way to sleep!!!!!! How does nutrition play into feeling and looking our best as we age? Nutrition plays a HUGE part in feeling and looking good. Complete deprivation leads to complete unhappiness. Have your fun and the things that you love SOME of the time. For me, what works best is eating anti-inflammatory. I deal with life’s challenges by first working out then figuring things out. Her goal is to educate women on all stages of menopause. How did you get into the fitness and wellness arena? I got into fitness because when I was a little girl, my father would to take me to the local high school track and put me in the sandbox while he would go jogging. My fitness philosophy is that working out is just like brushing your teeth. Gluten free, dairy free, no red meat and LESS wine:) Like I said, I’m not perfect but I do my best. Wellness came into the picture when I figured out how fitness was the key tool to staying strong not only physically but mentally. I am a true believer that happiness is a responsibility that we owe ourselves.

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