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A common scenario when using your credit card is when an online casino is slow in paying you, after you've made a deposit in their system and wanted to cashout after a quick win.In this scenario, those gamblers who want their credit card company to dispute with the gambling company often find themselves being monitored more closely by the credit card company--they see gambling as increasing your risk of maxing out your card, being delinquent, going into default, or even bankruptcy.Unfortunately, a similar situation can arise when your primary financial institution begins to notice echecks going to and coming from an electronic casino.For that reason, some online gamblers prefer to set up a separate checking account for their gambling expenses.

The echeck casino option becomes a way they can fund their gaming activities while keeping things simple. I'd only use this method if I'm playing at a casino that's well-known and has a solid reputation.This method becomes preferable when your credit card company begins to question your payments to or withdrawals from online casino sites.The aforementioned situation where you dispute charges from a casino site can cause its own unique problems, too.I'd also only fund the account with the money needed to fund my gambling activities, moving the cash over from another secure account when it's time to deposit again at the casino.That way, if someone does get your checking information, they'll only be able to take a small amount of your bankroll, budget, and savings.

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