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Okay everyone, wanna see how truly dedicated Fritz is to this mantra he keeps spouting that you should have lots of bad reviews of movies that suck? Howie Vore you say: [ Flying sharks eating gimps but mostly guys rocks your boat Sharknado I and II do for you. And every time I do, you just keep coming back for more. I'm hardly a “self appointed arbiter for the integrity of Snuff Porn reviews”, whatever the hell that is – and you are hardly the king of the A Pollyannas, though another five or ten As might win you that crown. Fritz Wrote: Mine is only that there seems to be a glut of high grades.

Well, here's what Fritz himself e-mailed to me right after my review of Return to Blood Shack went up. Fritz, the self appointed arbiter for the integrity of Snuff Porn reviews decided on this hard line philosophy a whopping 11 days ago. No nudity but maybe Sharknado III, IV and V should have. As my tastes are very similar to yours, I'm actually eager to read your recommendations (and why would I seriously argue an A for , but I promise not to disparage your selecting only those films you enjoy. If you continue to review only films you think merit an A or A , that's fine with me. Howie Howie: I've taken our discussion off the board as it seems I've inadvertently crossed some kind of line here.

There have been more than a few awkward occasions when a producer sends me a movie to review and I don't like it, but I feel obligated to give them a review anyway, even if it's a negative one.

I tell them I can only give my honest opinion, that I'm not going to lie and say it was better than it was. Given that there was a seven-year gap between my previous A grade and the one I awarded recently, I don't think I have to worry about being too generous with my top grades.

Howie and Fritz: Okay, that last post from Fritz sounds like an apology, or at least a concession. So you saying you don't give negative reviews has nothing to do with you telling others to? Though, with green and red characters, maybe I should have saved it for Christmas? As one tentacle is tightly wrapped around Maria's neck, two other tentacles pry Maria's mouth open and the "penis" tentacle moves into her mouth, forcing Maria to suck it.

So like a true mental patient, you're now going to revert again to telling me how I need to start reviewing bad movies. Howie: Now you're resorting to digging up personal correspondence to prove a point that has nothing to do with this… It really doesn't matter, but you've become so goddamned defensive about it that I can't help pulling your chain.

Especially now that Nuwest/Leda is "out of games" I think Mood Pictures have the right intensity and the right victims for a whipping video, and when they will add a tough and rebellious woman who stand and (try to) resist the whipping challenging against the whipper in the right environment and plot well ... But this is only something for me and my tastes, because I think they are already almost perfect in their job :) Having and building up a site that makes whipping videos with such quality is just my dream, I'm a real life whipper doing real life whippings, and mixing my passion with a job it would be simply amazing ... Let me introduce you to the concept of “percentages”.

A Canadian has 88 reviews in the database and of these, he has awarded an A to only 3. You, by your own admission, have “, Iago gave it only one pitiful star, Ralphus crucified it with a withering D, yet your (ungraded) write-up is positively dripping with praise.

For a moment I thought it was you, but then I remembered you'd lost weight since… But before I begin, let me state that I don't like Miley Cyrus. Anyway, it struck me unusual that I had a rather kinky dream about her last night. Especially so since I really never give her any mind to start with.

So when I awoke, I got a bit curious, so did a search, and found she just did a video that was a bit bondage themed. For you to show what a whack job you are who keeps saying the same things over and over? Mine is only that there seems to be a glut of high grades.

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, she emerged with nary a bruise, looking as beautiful as ever.

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