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In the digital dating era the term ‘we are dating’ can mean very different things to both parties.

Irish dating sites are not going out of fashion, disabling your profile will not result in you missing out on anything.In the era of digital dating though, new rules apply.Some might argue (and some studies will support the view) that online dating has ruined relationships. A ‘grass is greener’ mentality has turned some into perpetual serial daters searching for perfection. However, contrary to the rather depressing view expressed by Nancy Sales in her Vanity Fair article ‘Tinder and the dawn of the dating apocalypse', not all daters are looking for casual flings.If you want a relationship in the long run, you will not find one that is completely without problems so expect some difficulty, deal with it as it arises and move on together happily.Commit, the grass is not greener: Online dating has been criticized for making relationships transient however some studies like this one from the University of Montreal have shown that Marriage rates have increased, in spite of the rise in popularity of online dating.

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