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If the wife is busy with her career or if you have financial constraints, you can delay having children for a while.

These issues however must be discussed and agreed upon before committing to get married.

Marriage is a commitment for a life-time hence it must be a very carefully taken decision.

Though “love” can be the single most important factor for you to get married to your partner, there are numerous other practical considerations you must take into account before agreeing to say “I do”.

A stubborn and rigid person unwilling to let go a little to make the other person happy will contribute to a failed marriage.

Hence, it is best to discuss your lifestyle and your expectations from marriage with your partner.

If you feel that there is vast cultural difference between the two families you need to discuss extensively with your partner as to how you are going to deal with the matter.

If your partner later comes to know of any financial problems you had, the marriage will be headed for trouble since your partner can get a feel that you cheated him/her.

If your partner has huge loan debt are you willing to share his/her financial burden? These are some of the important financial matters that must be discussed and considered before you agree to get married.

You must be able to adjust and make minor changes to your nature and lifestyle so that your spouse is happy.

If you are rigid and unwilling to adjust a little to suit your partner, your marriage will most likely not succeed.

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Compatibility is all about enjoying life with your partner doing things that you both enjoy.

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