Palm pre clock not updating

When you use your Pre, you don’t interact directly with web OS, so you won’t find a chapter devoted to it in this book.

But it’s good to know what web OS is, because it’s responsible for nearly everything you do on the Pre—from multitasking to dynamically updating web pages and email inboxes.

The flash triggers automatically in low light (unless you turn that feature off). You’ll never mistake the Pre’s speaker for hi-fi audio—it’s barely a step above a 1960s transistor radio.

If you’re like most Pre owners, you’re more than ready to put your new phone to work. But before you dive in much further, it’s worth taking a few minutes to learn your way around.

In fact, you probably already cracked the box, charged the battery, and started calling and texting friends. Throughout this book, and as long as you own your Pre, you’ll need to know where things like the “gesture area” and the Quick Launch panel are, and what they do.

So Palm included a keyboard on the Pre, cleverly concealed behind the touchscreen.

To get to it, place your thumb on the screen, wrap your fingers around the back of the case, and gently push your thumb up so the keyboard slides out from the bottom. Your Pre’s screen is touchy—but in a good way: It responds to finger taps and movements, which is how you tell the Pre what to do.

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You can change your profile info any time, either at the Palm Profile website ( or on the Pre itself (the Pre sends the updated info to the website).

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