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Among other things, the gene is involved in the migration of nerve cells to the brain during embryonic development, and it also regulates the cytoskeleton and molecular motors in the cell.

The organoids with the mutated gene grew to the same proportions as the first group, but they developed few folds and the ones they did develop were very different in shape from normal wrinkles.

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Tiny brains grown in the lab from embryonic stem cells -- so-called organoids -- were pioneered in the last decade by Profs.Now researchers have developed a method for growing tiny 'brains on chips' from human cells that enabled them to track the physical and biological mechanisms underlying the wrinkling process.Being born with a "tabula rasa" -- a clean slate -- is, in the case of the brain, something of a curse.Our brains are wrinkled like walnuts by the time we are born.Babies born without these wrinkles -- called smooth brain syndrome -- suffer from severe developmental deficiencies and their life expectancy is markedly reduced.

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So, for example, if there is uneven expansion in one part of the material, another part might be forced to fold in order to accommodate the pressure.

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