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Dialogues of the film are written by Gireesh Parmar & Vijaygiri.The Cast includes veteran Gujarati theater artists like Happy Bhavsar, Maulik Nayak, Mehul Solanki, Namrata Pathak & Vishal Vaishya along with hindi cinema actor Abhimanyu Singh.In this journey, his soul mate, Pavan (played by Aarohi Patel), his mother (Happy Bhavsar) and his best friends Mukesh (Maulik Nayak), Chitra (Namrata Pathak) and Roy (Malhar Pandya) supports him and joins his fight against the evil.The film was released on 10 July 2015 in Gujarat and received lots of critical acclaim, especially the bold storyline, direction and performances.The film is shot in the locations of Ahmedabad, Diu & Kutch. Talking about filming the locations, Vijay Giri said, "We have tried to cover the college life of Ahmedabad but the emphasis was given more to the Kutch locations as per the script's requirement.Also, we have tried to capture Diu the way you might have never seen before." Music for the film is composed by Kedar Upadhyay–Bhargav Purohit.Premji: Rise of a Warrior is a new era Gujarati film directed by Vijaygiri Bava & produced by Twinkle Vijaygiri.

The concept of a boy who is struggling with himself for his own identity clicked in the director’s mind long time ago and he gradually developed the story.

Actors Silambarasan Rajendar, Nayantara and Prasanna make guest appearances in the film, which features music composed by Yuvan Shankar Raja, whilst cinematography is handled by Sakthi Saravanan and the film is edited by K. Filming began in April 2009 and took place in various locations: in the title location of Goa as well as in Pannapuram, Tamil Nadu and Langkawi, Malaysia with the latter being used due to the monsoonal season of Goa, forcing the team to relocate.

The film follows the journey of three young men, Vinayagam, Ramarajan and Saamikannu, who flee from their remote, conservative village to escape their overly strict families and travel to the international tourist-destination Goa, after encountering a friend who had fallen in love with a Caucasian girl whilst on holiday there.

The trio runs away to the town of Madurai, hoping to stay with Vinayakam's friend Azhagar.

On arriving at Azhagar's place, they find him getting married to an American woman named Angelina Jolie.

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Premji got married at the age of 35 to Arya Antharjanam (27 years old) from Karuvat Illam, Kanjany, Trichur, who was a widow since the age of 17.

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