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If you’re in debt, thinking about paying it off can be exciting.It can also seem intensely stressful and even impossible.I’ve been looking into the Manulife ONE concept over the last little while and it really intrigues me as we are very responsible spenders and savers and think that we could certainly accelerate paying off our loans with this sort of account.What do you know and/or think of this type of account? In this post, we’ll take a good hard look at this innovative product from Manulife Bank.

The interest rate is currently Prime plus 1 percent but one understands that the rate is negotiable.

The best debt management companies are reputable, affordable and work tirelessly for you.

Working with a debt management company should make life easier. We have researched debt management companies to help you sift through all the information that’s out there.

An even better alternative may simply be a consolidation at a traditional bank combined with a line of credit secured against the home.

It offers all the advantages of a Manulife One account without the drawbacks albeit with some effort involved in moving around funds every once in a while.

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