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Countless manufacturers have joined the aftermarket parts scene, giving shoppers nearly infinite options to customize their car, truck, wagon or crossover.

The only time that it had any effect on the work was if we had a handsome guest star in any given week and Loni showed any interest in him.While they didn't flaunt their relationship on the set, they were often seen leaving the lot very late at night.While we were upstairs rewriting that week's script, we could see their cars driving out of the front gate at around one in the morning.Bumblebee, like in past Transformers movies, is based on a Chevrolet Camaro, although this time it seems to be a variation on the new sixth-generation model.Done up in a black and yellow scheme, a gnarly spoiler and numerous scoops and wings for dramatic effect, this Autobot isnt the subtlest movie star out there.

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