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The series is only 13 episodes long, and in that short time quite a lot happens, which may make it seem rushed at times; it does move forward at a too high pace.

Just remember that it doesn't have the R rating for no reason - events ranging from a man watching his naked daughter to a dog being bludgeoned to death with a vase and live dismemberment takes place.To ' Not Helpful' voters (and you ' Helpful' voters too): Feedback greatly appreciated =) An anime can be critically successful for many reasons, it could be due to a well written and engaging plot, innovative ideas that are perfectly handled or even have a deep plot revolving around thought-provoking themes.More so, "depth" has been a cause for the critical success of many anime over the course of time for example "The tatami Galaxy", but for a show to have a level of depth is not an easy task for any writer.Treating the Diclonius as mere research subjects, being shunned by the very people who should take care of them, and being killed off for stupid reasons.Among the main characters, their love (there is a love triangle between Kouta, Yuka and Nyu/Lucy), broken promises, lies and "lies" have all had their effect on how they are in the present, and what happened some years ago is connected to their development in the present day.

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The artistic design of both the opening and ending sequences are heavily inspired by the works of Austrian symbolist painter Gustav Klimt.

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