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It also proves my point that the fear of the unknown is creepier than the overt gore and head-bludgeoning FX of Carpenter’s concoction.

Invaders from Mars (1953): This is one of those movies that stays with you for years, giving you nightmares.

I guess I just couldn’t get enough of horror in my life.

It was during the recent marathon that the Twilight Zone entry called Eye of the Beholder aired.

In the video for "Pynk," Thompson emerges from between Monáe's heavily yonic legs (she's wearing pink pants).

Thompson and Monáe are both broadcasting their relationship across the country and keeping it under wraps, a tricky but impressive dance."Janelle and I have been really close.

To catch you up: They were first spotted together in the music video for Monáe's 2015 single "Yoga." Later that same year, they attended a gala for the Museum of Contemporary Art together.

From there on out, it seems the twosome found a lot of opportunities to appear on red carpets together, at parties together, and, as of 2018, in music videos together.

And I recall how I later sadistically encouraged my sister, three years younger than I, to watch the same episode without warning her of the surprise ending, not-so-loving older brother that I was.A young kid (Jimmy Hunt) looks out his window and sees a spaceship crash into a nearby sandpit.Soon, his scientist father—and various other adults around him—begin to behave robotically, and now have mysterious marks behind their necks.I’m proud when everybody is taking agency over their image and their bodies." Thompson will appear in a 50-minute companion "emotion picture" to Monae's album Thompson and Monáe have long been rumored to be a couple.In February, Autostraddle published an exhaustive timeline of Thompson and Monáe's various couple-ish activities.

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