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In the meantime, if the judge thinks you’re in immediate danger, he or she will issue a “temporary order of restraint,” which lasts only a short period of time — often just until your hearing date.At your hearing, your abusive partner will be invited to attend and both of you will have the opportunity to present your case.

On the other hand, if the person chooses not to cooperate they will be required to attend a hearing, and could be ordered to stay away from you.

In some cases You should apply if you are afraid for your safety or for less serious problems, for example, to get your partner or ex-partner to stop calling you every day, or to stop him or her from showing up uninvited at your home or your child’s school.

Call your local police and tell them that you need a peace bond.

If you have kept any notes about past incidents or there is anyone who saw the person in question threaten you, tell the police officer at this time.

Ensure the officer has your current contact information for future communications, and be sure to write down the police case number or file number and the officer’s name.

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You may need to provide evidence so make sure to bring pictures of injuries and copies of threatening emails, text messages, voicemails and Facebook posts.

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