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(Insert your own needles and haystack joke here.) I was, equally fruitlessly, looking for a happy and contented woman in a dating scene awash with bored mature students, frustrated ‘undiscovered’ actors and depressed public-sector apparatchiks, who would tell me they were going to get started on writing their first novel ‘any day now’.Anna is one of the few people I’ve met while dating in the last few years who isn’t either unhappy with their career or, more commonly, still talking in their early forties about what they’d like to do with their lives.

Anna was (fruitlessly) looking for a morally upstanding man of strong values in a dating scene of bankers, property developers and the inherited rich.I chucked the pork pie away and climbed into her Aston Martin, a two-step act that raised me around six social classes in the space of four seconds. It was an ordinary one, not one of those notorious ‘cocaine and comeuppance’ sites for the supposed uber-rich.Not that I would have remotely been considered eligible for inclusion in that upper realm of online dating.This is a woman who earlier this year took a recently dumped female friend on a ‘feel good again’, all expenses paid holiday to Thailand; a woman who loves to listen.As I once overheard her say, ‘There’s a direct connection between people who talk about themselves too much and people who won’t be there for you when it counts.’ It’s hardly Shakespeare but, as a caring bromide, it’s pretty good for a former Soviet citizen from the Black Sea.

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