Sarah harding girls aloud dating in the dark

‘I don’t want to publicise anything.’ It was a bit late for that – but Jethro has a simple explanation for why Sarah went on the show…It’s these financial worries that Jethro believes contributed to her pre-CBB breakdown.

I think she could do anything but…I think she will concentrate on music.’ And Jethro is keen to see his friend return to the music scene.

"I go out there wearing shorts that I feel comfortable in, maybe because my thighs are my favourite thing about me so I can show them off.

"That's like my favourite part of my body so I'm definitely going to go out there and show some legs because they're fine as hell." She added: "I don't know who she [Harding] is.

Ex-Girls Aloud star Sarah Harding has singled out Bressie as the Irish guy she would potentially date.

She admitted this when asked by Lucy Kennedy if she would ever be interested in dating a nice Irish guy.

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