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He's been featured in various biographical documentaries including VICE media's Superpower for Hire and Spike's, The Sheriff. Do., known to the Italianprogressive rock 'aficionados' for Walter Locatelli's presence on drums, aformer Dalton ("Riflessioni: idea d'infinito", "Argitari") member.This was part of the reason the band split shortly after it's release.Also by 1980, this type of music was no longer hip in some circles, and perhaps there weren't any record labels brave enough to touch a band who was still dabbling in an early to mid 70's sounding style of progressive rock.The itinerary crosses the Valle d’Aosta from north to south-east and passes through villages and towns founded during the Roman Empire and castles and fortresses, like Castle Verrès and Castle Fènis, constructed as defence against invaders. Terrain: paths 40%, white roads 30%, secondary asphalted roads 30%Trekking altitude: between 345 and 2,500 m, average daily times 4h to 7h30m. Nearest train station: Orsieres (14 km from Bourg St Pierre). History and legend join in this place where it is easy to imagine the troops of the Roman Empire and later the troops of Napoleon that passed from the Colle del San Bernardo.Positive difference in height between 35 and 850 mt per day. Number of participants: minimum 2 Price: £660 per person based on 2 people sharing. Solo Traveller addition: £100.00Included: accommodation in hotel**/***, hostels and agriturismo in double rooms with private facilities; bed & breakfast service; luggage transfer; eventual transfer as described in the program; detailed description of the route and informative material. Altitude at departure: 1.632 m above sea level This stage has a mainly symbolic nature as it will lead you to the Colle del San Bernardo, the highest point between Canterbury and Rome therefore of the whole Via Francigena.I almost sound a little like Franco Mussida from PFM (on a bad day). I recommend this album to all lovers of 70's Italian Progressive Rock, and I've heard that it's been available on CD for awhile. But the album kind of grows on you after a few spins.Upon first hearing this album your reaction might be, "What??

I've always felt this album sounded more like 1974 than 1980. Don't let the release date fool you, this isn't one of those prog/disco albums.He has been credited for exposing ISIS use of chemical warfare against the Kurds in Iraq.Tony trained Kurdish special forces commanders in escape & evasion, defensive tactics and counter insurgency as well as providing emergency lectures on how to secure front line bases against chemical attacks.I think if it had come out a few years earlier, and released on a major Italian label such as 'Cramps' or 'Numero Uno', it would be right up there with the likes of other great Italian prog bands like PFM, New Trolls, Jumbo etc.At their liveliest, they remind me a lot of Gentle Giant, with their off-beats and weird time signatures.

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Since Charlie has come into my life, I love Coco more than ever.

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