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With a good knowledge of Vkontakte internal programming language one can develop subpages and navigation menus, add banners and links to external websites etc.All in all, Vkontakte group can look rather proper. I personally deleted my profile due to enormous amount of phishy links and sexually related messages coming into my inbox.The default sort puts the most relevant results first. However, I'm not sure that comparisons are very meaningful between sources.If you see two abstracts in your search results, you can be confident that the first is more relevant than the second.It looks pretty much like Facebook, although with less functionality.

Facebook in Russian Facebook is rapidly growing in Russia and I believe will be big at some point.

Annoyingly, the method currently available to us for indexing all the items in the Swine Information Library fails to extract any meaningful date from the PDFs; the date displayed is when that conference was indexed.

For search engine geeks: you may have guessed that it is faster to put less common terms first, e.g., search for -- "flu" has about 250 matches while "swine" has well over 9000, so the second term has much less to search through.

If you see a news article and a Swine Information Library paper, it's entirely possible that the item listed later would be more relevant to you. For news articles, the date sort should be reliable as it is taken from the news database.

Regular web pages are date indexed according to the time the file on the server was last modified; this is usually close.

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Unfortunately, the few milliseconds saved are inconsequential compared to the time it takes to send you the results over the web.

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