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For more information on this change please read the blog post below this one.You’re also encouraged to have a more thorough read of to give you an idea as to why we’ve done it.Linden Lab will be disabling some old inventory code soon, which will break legacy inventory fetching for all previous Firestorm versions and any viewer not supporting the new and much-improved HTTP asset fetch functionality.Also be aware, we have made some improvements to the “Level of Detail” (LOD) setting in this version.

Or put another way, the higher this LOD Factor setting, the longer it takes to draw the scene (frame) within your camera’s perspective, which means fewer frames per second (FPS).EDITED TO INCLUDE: The other major set of changes you’ll no doubt notice are to your inventory count.If you see it increase by a substantial amount, it’s because the count now includes folders.* New command line options: /zoffset_up: Offset your avatar upward by 0.05./zoffset_down: Offset your avatar downward by 0.05.

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* Added an option to “reset” broken meshes worn on avatars due to stuck LOD * Added ability to view inventory count from inventory floater.

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