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Linden – Linden tea is very popular in parts of Europe for its lightly floral scent and pleasantly sweet flavor.In several regions, an herbal tea of the flowers and leaves is an old household remedy for nervousness, anxiety, insomnia, headaches and indigestion.Keep in mind that although the general rule given applies to most teas, certain herbs have different preparation methods and steeping times.Chamomile, linden and hops flowers should not be allowed to steep more than 3 to 4 minutes.It has also been suggested as a useful remedy or aid for high blood pressure and palpitations.

In recent research, passion flower extract at 45 drops daily (tincture) was shown to be as effective as oxazepam (similar to valium).Lemon Balm- This is a refreshing, anytime herbal tea that should be tried by everyone for its calming effects.It is special in that it soothes the entire nervous system, yet stimulates the heart at the same time.This nervine herb is also “antispasmodic” which makes it great for people with constant nervous twitching.#2 Ashwaganda- This is probably one of my favorite herbs, which is why it got the award for “Best Herb of 2007.” Unlike most of the herbs on this list that are designed to be taken at night or at least late afternoon, both ashwaganda and schisandra (listed below) are terrific “adaptogenic” herbs that help us tolerate our stressful days that much better.

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