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Mix proportions were chosen as regards tunnel concrete (w/b=0.40), prefabricated concrete (w/b=0.55) and concrete for production of dwelling houses (w/b=0.70).The waterpowder ratio, w/p varied between 0.28 and 0.70.At this time, various mix design methods have been proposed in order to obtain the unique rheological performances of SCC and may lead to different mix designs for a given application.However, the performance criterion remains the only objective means to evaluate the adequacy of an SCC mix.This article outlines laboratory and full-scale studies on fire resistance of SCC.For this purpose 40 pre-stressed columns and 140 cylinders of concrete were subjected to compressive loading at high temperature.

Most of the work still has to be completed, but with over 40 participants, this team should be able to do it in a timely fashion Several tests have already been developed worldwide to characterize the performance of a fresh self-consolidating concrete.But at that time fluidity was obtained by adding water, superplasticizer, or a combination of both.In addition, that earlier type of concrete was not used in civil engineering structures with normal durability requirements because they either contained too much water or were not stable and led to unacceptable heterogeneity in the structure.The fullscale behaviour showed extensive fire spalling for water-cured concrete at w/p Editorial note Dr. He participates in RILEM TCs LTP ‘Life time performance of materials and structures’.URM'Use of Recycled Materials’, 196-ICC ‘Internal curing of concretes’ and 195-DTD ‘Recommendation for test methods for autogenous deformation and thermal dilation of early age concrete’.

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