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Her skirt is gone, but the sweater is still on, pulled up over her tits. A bit of whipping and a crotch massage are her rewards.Cole starts rolling the tape, and Georgia gives that pole, and her pussy, a real workout. We move on to tied topless and AOH, thighs and ankles securely strapped together, with a rope jammed up between her legs at crotch level for a brief rope ride.Face aimed at Cole's crotch, her ungagged mouth begging for what's coming next. The positions are simple, Georgia's responses are charged. Grade: B Punished introduces us to everyone's bondage sweetheart, Lori Waverly. She takes it off right away, and is dressed only in garters, stockings, and panties. Cut to her first position, which gets right down to business.She's on a chair, with her ankles tied to the front legs, her arms tied behind her strappado.I strongly recommend everyone here who is into that era give it a read. Cole takes care of the finances, then suggests that Georgia should sit on the dildo chair.In each episode, the premise is that the model has hired "Matthew Cole: Punishment by Appointment Only" to put herself, wearing only lacy underwear, in strenuous bondage. He also shows her the Penis Pole, a suspended spreader bar, and a St.Leather straps around her neck, chest, and waist keep her upper body glued to the rack. Cut to Lori face-up on the rack, her legs tied high and wide.

The lucky lass next gets laid face-down on the stretching rack. That's probably punishment for wearing her panties underneath her garter. He then pulls the crotch panel of her panties aside and beckons the camera to come in for an ultra close-up of Lori's pleasure portal.This is a short scene, but it seems that Sharon took what advantage she could of the setup. She is tied in a three-point Flying Wallenda, the fourth leg left on the ground. Her squirming tugs at the rope, digging into and rubbing pretty tightly against her pussy. Anyway, Karen is shown sitting on an empty spool of cable, in only her blouse and panties.Her wrists are handcuffed to a low-lying pipe, and a metal collar around her neck is chained to the wall. Dissolve to Karen tied AOH to an overhead pipe, ankles handcuffed together, her stunning figure on full display after Cole opens up the front of her blouse. Out comes the flogger and Karen gets a heavy dose of Cole's best.I've been a little absent lately, but have been enjoying all the Db D updates and pictures, etc.If someone wants to base a movie, or perhaps a series of movies, on a great story, there's one that particularly grabbed my interest on this very site, via Dagon, called 'The Witch Trial'. Cole films the experience and gives them a copy when they leave, well-satisfied and probably post-orgasmic. She enters, wearing a white long-sleeved sweater and beige wrap-around skirt.

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