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The reality is that progress is much harder — both to achieve and to measure.

The following would demonstrate institutional and systemic progress to me: First, there is adequate staffing for prevention and response, ample funding, and ongoing training.

A true testament to the seriousness of a university's response is a thorough commitment to creating a deterrence to sexual violence, and a commitment to safety, not just compliance on paper.

Higher education continues to be reactive to these systemic problems.

Third, everyone on campus should be able to articulate what is prohibited, how to report an incident, and what happens after reporting.

Both the victims and the accused feel respected and heard during the process, even if they disagree with the outcome.

There is no more confusion about the role of the campus disciplinary process and the criminal-justice system.

Fourth, comprehensive best practices (including transcript notations and admissions review processes) are used by all institutions, resulting in increased trust in the process and reducing the need for federal and state mandates.

The student party culture changes as a result of healthier concepts of masculinity and multiple positive identities for all genders and orientations. Finally, colleges become rape myth busters instead of perpetuators.

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