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Romance sometimes seems impossible to Minnesotans with disabilities. That’s all Bradley Duncan is permitted for “alone time” with the woman he fell in love with nearly a year ago.

The clock starts to tick the moment Duncan shuts the bedroom door of his room at a Fergus Falls group home.We’re all about finding any way we can to get our move on, and all of that activity helps us keep it tight. Have you ever seen what you look like with icicles coming off of your eyelashes?Are you familiar with the feeling of watching a parade or a football game and not knowing whether you still have all your fingers? The reality is that our weather is brutally cold for way too much of the year. So if you’re looking to hibernate for the winter, deactivate your Tinder account.Socks with sandals, deep-fried candy bars on sticks, and barnyard animals giving birth.This is the quickest way to describe the State Fair. " jokes out of the way early or your date is going to get snatched up by someone sporting a flannel and offering promises of hot dish at their parents’ house over the weekend. ) then you may recognize that the film was shot right here in Minnesota.

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