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One of our eldest children has since organised a benefit night for Temple Street to show our appreciation.'Me and Emer don't live together because we have other children from previous relationships but she stayed in my house on a Wednesday and Thursday and every second weekend and I came to see her every single day.'She slept at the end of my bed and every morning she would stand up and look out of the cot towards me.I still wake up and think she is there before the doom hits me and I realise she is gone for good.'Emer says: 'I feel the same, too.Lauren, only 18 months old , had crammed the fallen popcorn in her mouth.And that little grain, despite CPR from creche staff and an operation in Temple Street, was enough to snuff out her little life: a fleeting finger extinguishing a birthday candle.I hope other creches and parents take note and make sure popcorn is not allowed. and he also found the following in Harper's Magazine (June 2002): "From Flybase, a database of fruit-fly genes maintained by a consortium of research institutions.

[There's another version of this, where the densest element is called "Bushcronium", with symbol "Du" for "Dubya".Unable to bear being parted from her or even to think of her on her own after death, Emer and David carefully placed her tiny coffin into the back seat of their car and drove home to Shanabooly Road in Limerick city, together for the last time.And as they drove, the bitter, savage gall of losing their beloved daughter – the cruellest blow for any parent – was made even more horrendous for David and Emer: because they knew that their little girl had been taken from them not by incurable disease or unavoidable disaster but by a simple piece of popcorn lodging in her throat.It was a horrendous time.' Staff at the hospital carried out emergency surgery, successfully removing the popcorn kernel.'We went in to see her after the operation,' says David. I pulled back her eyelids and I could see there was no movement – she was just staring ahead.I knew then that she was gone.'Everyone there was fantastic: they treated Lauren like an angel and answered every question we asked.

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She slept from 8pm to 8am and went to bed with no problem. We never stressed with her and she was always healthy.''We met the managers of the creche but, unfortunately, the meeting didn't go so well.

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