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Residents with dementia have also continued to express sexual feelings and frustrations (Hellen, 1995; Kuhn, 1994).

A study on sexuality and women in nursing homes (Nay, 1992) found that sex in late life is associated with pleasure, tension reduction, communication, mutual tenderness, passion, affirmation of one’s body and its function, a sense of identity, and security when facing hazards and losses.

Although the literature frequently mentions a lack of policies governing sexual expression in these settings, there is little information available on management of situations when they occur.

This study addresses these missing elements through the perspective of resident advocates.

Contrary to this cultural belief, older adults have been found to be sexual throughout life wherever they are living (Lindau et al., 2007; Miles & Parker, 1999; Reinisch, 1991).

When sexual expression intersects with issues of consent and avoidance of abuse or moral and ethical issues (Tarzia, Fetherstonhaugh, & Bauer, 2012), it often produces complex situations.

Drench and Losee (1996) conceptualized sexuality as a combination of sex drive, sexual acts, and the psychological aspects of relationships, emotions, and attitudes.

Expressions of sexuality in long-term care have encompassed a broad range of actions, including sexual intercourse, flirtation and affection, passing compliments, proximity and physical contact, and maintenance of physical appearance (Hubbard, Tester, & Downs, 2003).

Ombudsmen intervened in cases based on dilemma or conflict due to risk, risk associated with dementing illness, limited knowledge, privacy, and values.

The theoretical framework of the total institution was utilized to interpret the results.

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Because nearly 46% of adults aged 65 and older will spend time in nursing home care (Spillman & Lubitz, 2002), it is important to have a holistic picture of elders’ needs, including intimate needs, and their support in these settings.

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