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You follow her up (or down) the stairs or into the elevator at some newer places and walk to the private massage room.

She will get a set of towels, soap and condom(s) before you enter the room and she starts filling the tub with warm water and soap for the bath while you get undressed.

She will add just a little water and then lie onto you and start rubbing her body all up and down your body.

It’s usually this moment when you feel like in heaven and know your money was well spent.

Not only is all of the action really many hot Granny Teen porn niches!

There are all sorts of different ways to find quick and easy paid love in Thailand and among the most discrete ones are the countless of massage parlors.

While the water is pouring into the bathtub it’s usually time for some small talk.So after the bath (àap, อาบ) and body to body treatment (òp, อบ) it’s now time for the third part: the massage (nûat, นวด).For that, she will first dry you off with the towel and then take you to the spacious bed (usually queen size) and start massaging your back.Again there’s no need to be shy and you can really trust these guys, they might recommend you a girl that you thought was looking so-so but it’s those who are really diligent in ensuring you enjoy the next couple of hours.All of the girls in the fishbowl have numbers attached on their clothes and they’re usually divided into two, three or four groups.

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