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It looks like the post-merge strategic shuffling continues moving on. Check out an exclusive deleted scene from last night’s episode as well as our pre-game interview with Julie and John in the video player below.Also, make sure to read Dalton’s full ‘Survivor’ recap.We are the ones who put the contestants on the show.We test them, we talk to them, we study their psych reports and then we make a decision to give them one of our very valuable spots. We either missed it, or in the case of Julie we anticipated it but put them on anyway.

Then when she got caught stealing the trail mix and the tribe ostracized her I think the decision became very easy: I’m done. Now you might be asking, “Okay, so why not just tell the tribe to vote her out?I think you’re right – at this point they are very big threats to win and they are both very savvy and passionate players. I think they will still have to earn their way to the end by getting past some formidable opponents. This game changes on a daily basis, but who do you think on day 18 was saved from being voted out because of Julie’s quit? I think it was gonna happen and I think he would have been shocked.So Jeremy was saved, but now his new problem is he lost a very important number. There are so many levels of game play — it is imperative that you see everything. The best players will prove themselves through their ability to play this game not based on history, but on what is in front of them in any given moment.It’s not someone I want in my foxhole, that’s for sure.But we have to take our fair share of responsibility for putting them in the situation in the first place.

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Rob asks Julie is she will ever go back and play Survivor, but Julie reveals that she is no longer eligible to play in the game.

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