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They were protesting against tough new financial sanctions imposed by London last week over Iran's nuclear programme.Some 15 British nationals are stationed at the embassy.Their families are then called to bring the detainee a change of clothes.The violator is then required to sign a form that they will not commit the offense again.Men can also be stopped by the police if they are seen wearing shorts or going shirtless.Last year, police in Tehran announced plans to deploy 7,000 male and female officers for a new plainclothes division — the largest such undercover assignment in memory – to monitor public morality and enforce the dress code.Mr Obama also gave Iran until September to adhere to IAEA proposals or 'face consequences'.Iran threatens to strike back at Israel if its nuclear facilities were targeted.

Iran’s morality police— similar to Saudi Arabia’s religious police— typically detain violators and escort them to a police van.An Mo D spokesman said: 'The British government believes that a dual track strategy of pressure and engagement is the best approach to address the threat from Iran's nuclear programme and avoid regional conflict.War planners will look at potential deployments of Royal Navy ships and submarines equipped with Tomahawk cruise missiles and RAF fighter jets armed with precision-guided Paveway IV and Brimstone bombs and missiles, surveillance planes and air-to-air refuelling.It said repeat offenders could still be subject to legal action, and the dress code remains in place outside the capital.For nearly 40 years, women in Iran have been forced to cover their hair and wear long, loose garments.

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