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"We are committed to providing an enhanced physics experience which we call experiential physics that will elevate game play regarding modding, mapping and building and expressed action.

I think it's fair to say our budget exceeds our community raise goal." It's hard to say whether everything will really come together by January 2019, but whenever the game gets released, we're excited to play — and learn while doing so.

At Game On, however, the appeal goes deeper than nostalgia: younger computer game fans will likely be more interested in where we stand today and they won’t be disappointed.

The show is a history of evolution of the video game, meaning it leads right up to the future of VR sets and narrow or even broader AI.

A hugely popular exhibition organized by London’s Barbican Centre has just opened at Hall 40 at the Prague Market (Pražská tržnice).

Called Game On, it is a must for anyone interested in the history, artistic impact and cultural significance of arcade and video games.

As kids, we lined up to play a new titles such as the animated classic Dragon’s Lair (a game whose artwork is highlighted in this exhibition) and as teens we slotted quarter after quarter into beat ‘em up titles like Street Fighter or Double Dragon.

What really brought me back, though at Game On is a tune I haven’t heard for some time: the music and FX for the original Donkey Kong, whose humble hero Mario (previously known only as jumpman) became the face of video game success.

The company behind the game is called Space Media Ventures.

"I have no patience for people who say, 'I don't want the laws of physics to constrain me,'" Tyson said while discussing the game at the video game E3 convention in Los Angeles this week.

On the Kickstarter page, the team behind the game promises a long list of potential activities: "Develop planets, colonize worlds, nurture species, mine elements, build robots, and discover unique life-forms as you coordinate with others in an intense game of real-time strategy." Players would supposedly begin by exploring Proxima B, the closest known exoplanet to our own solar system, just over 4 light years away (there are real-life plans to try to send mini-spacecraft there).

With all that to design, the Kickstarter funding seems unlikely to be sufficient for the project.

But a secondary purpose of the Kickstarter may be to encourage community members to interact with and and influence the game.

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Next year will see the release of Ready Player One, the new Spielberg adaptation of Ernest Cline’s debut of the same name, simultaneously an ode to the 1980s as well as five-minutes-into-the–future novel which led to comparisons with the great William Gibson (Neuromancer, Mona Lisa Overdrive).

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