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The Allstate Foundation conducted the national survey to inform its ongoing work, with a particular focus on public perception of domestic violence and financial abuse during this important moment in time.A snapshot of the survey's most compelling findings is included below: to help educate the public about financial abuse and provide critical survivor services, including financial education, asset-building, job training and readiness programs.Coaching Boys Into Men has been rigorously evaluated, found to be effective in reducing dating violence, and is being widely implemented in the U. Preventing abuse in new families would reduce children’s exposure to violence and thus the potential for future violence.One promising strategy is to involve men in prevention efforts as they move into fatherhood.The program’s curriculum includes coach-to-athlete trainings that model respect and promote healthy relationships.

The seriousness and effectiveness of these efforts are yet to be determined.Still, the lack of discourse can make the most common form of domestic violence – financial abuse, which occurs in 99 percent of domestic violence cases – even more difficult to detect and understand, especially when considering nearly half (47 percent) aren't familiar with financial abuse as a form of domestic violence."Our new research validates that the public recognizes the severity of domestic violence and financial abuse and their long-term impact on survivors; yet, as a society, we are still afraid to speak up and provide help," said , Allstate's senior vice president of corporate social responsibility.Visit Purple today to donate to the cause and learn how to help a victim or start a conversation.Follow Purple Purse on social media (Facebook, Twitter) for future updates on this year's initiative.

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The margin of error for the total sample is /- 2.6 percentage points at the 95 percent confidence interval.

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