Updating a 1960 ranch home

In the 1970s, the dichotomy of Disco and Hard Rock made up the music scene.

During the Eighties, the Music Television (MTV) cable network was launched and had a profound impact on popular culture at the time, turning musicians into pop stars and global celebrities on a much larger scale.

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The aftermath of the war led to an unstable and economically struggling Europe, causing countries like Germany and Italy to turn to nationalism and fascism and countries like England and France and the U. Around the rest of the globe, Communism spread throughout the Soviet Union and China, which also led to civil war. As a result, millions of Jewish people and political opponents were interned and murdered.

The newly invented automobile and newly developed mass transportation systems like subways, trams, and rail, meant that traveling became easier. economy into the Great Depression, joining much of the rest of the world that had already been plunged into economic chaos. Prohibition ended in 1933 with the ratification of the 21st Amendment.

The advancement of industry and technology, while improving the lives of many, also paved the way for mass destruction as illustrated during World War I. S., for much of the decade, the economy boomed, Jazz music was popular, the prohibition of alcohol (18th Amendment in 1920) created an underground economy ruled by gangsters, and women who had just received the right to vote (19th Amendment ratified in 1920) emulated the freedom-loving Flapper girl. The 1930s began with the Great Depression and ended with the start of World War II. Poor farming practices and a massive drought caused the "Dust Bowl" in the Great Plains states.

With Henry Ford's introduction of the assembly line in 1913, productivity increased and improved pay, benefits, and working conditions created an expanding middle class.

Mass manufacturing of consumer goods transformed the way people lived their lives and more leisure time meant that the consumption of entertainment increased. Roosevelt as the President in 1932 and throughout the decade his administration implemented many socialist reforms, known as the New Deal, to help bring the nation out of the depression.

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