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This makes using the Black Berry Desktop Manager software to reload your OS impossible as the device is only detected for a couple of seconds before the device shuts off (and is now undetected).With pulling your Black Berry’s battery doing nothing to solve the problem and it being impossible to establish a link to your desktop, at this point if you called your carrier for support there’s a chance they’ll tell you your Black Berry is broken and that it’s time for a new one. Before reloading the operating system on a Nuked Black Berry, you need to make sure you have taken care of some basics: You can download the latest version of Black Berry Desktop Manager from the Black website, and you can find the latest Operating System available for your device from our Black Berry OS superpage.To accomplish this, on my computer I first open Control Panel Add/Remove Software and uninstalled the current Operating System for the 8300 Curve.From there I went to AT&T’s website and downloaded and installed OSv4.2.2. With the process I’m going through here, any 3rd party applications you have installed on your Black Berry will be lost.

But here's where the tricky part comes in with the Nuked Black Berry. What we want to do is plug in the Black Berry, and when COM1 switches to say USB-PIN: UNKNOWN we immediately click Next.

Get scared, but not too scared..will eventually boot up. If not, hopefully you have your contacts all synced to Outlook so you can reload your Address book from there.

Once that's done, it's time to install all your favorite apps again! At least in this case I KNEW I was putting some risky software onto my Black Berry so before installing did a backup of my data.

There was an OSv4.3.1 Beta for the Curve I got my hands on way back when.

Well, it turns out it had a slight glitch that made it want to occasionally reboot the phone when I answered incoming calls (which I was living with ok), but after Nuking my Berry while testing some software a friend of mine was working on, I decided to take the opportunity to revert back to the very stable OSv4.2.2.

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