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But he said it in a way that I knew he was happy that he got me to eat it but also a little afraid of how I'd react. I wanted to erase that smile from his face and make him feel a little bad. In a moment that I can only describe as "uncharacteristic" I scooped myself a handful of the sauce and aimed myself towards the nearby trash can. And then with real concern in his voice "Are you okay? It, however, ended up being a christmas tree stand. In my opinion, even if you're not bidding, auctions are great fun. It's interesting to see how much (or how little) people pay for certain items. The pheasant painting is saved for the house (whenever we get around to renovating). No two clients are ever alike and some days I meet people on opposite ends of the spectrum. I decided I wanted to "get him back" and began plotting. Adam perked up when he heard someone say, "tree stand", thinking that maybe he could score a spare tree stand for the hunting cabin. The painting I originally wanted is propped up waiting for a space on the wall. )I'm so lucky that my work affords me opportunities to meet and work with all sorts of people.Our Word of the Year choice serves as a symbol of each year’s most meaningful events and lookup trends.It is an opportunity for us to reflect on the language and ideas that represented each year.We are very private, being able to share the moment alone in our home where we are most comfortable just seemed right.THE TIME AND PLACE: March 28, 2015, Chicago, Illinois Our wedding and reception was held at Ignite Glass Studios in Chicago.I can put your family name and motto on the paper slips and change the colors on the tag. A printed photo was mounted onto glitter paper and embellished with special "birthday girl" flags. I hope you enjoy her photos and advice as much as I did. After a few dates Chris broke the news that he was in the process of moving back home to Dayton.You can pick from whatever color paper I have available on my shelf. Since the meat was only recently processed and never frozen it was the freshest venison I'd ever eaten. Pinking sheers and a vintage button were extra touches. Not ready to call it quits after only one month of dating we continue to date long distance.

We often eat pieces of the food while we're cooking so when he had a few cuts of steak ready to eat I didn't hesitate. It was pretty red and even though I like rare steak - I wasn't sure how I felt about rare venison. THE BIG QUESTION: Chris had an engagement planned the weekend before we took a trip with some friends.(TV tray eating works okay when you are a family of 2 but it does get old.) I don't anticipate any vacations but having this jar around might motivate me to plan more fun outings. When Chelsea arrived for her appointment (a couple of years ago) she had her mother Pat and grandmother Etheldean in tow. A handful of strong, close knit, fun women, enjoying themselves as they planned the special day.(Somehow filling out a slip that says, "we binge watched Stranger Things Season 1 in one weekend" just doesn't seem like a win) Best of all - I can make this happen for you!!! I admitted that I wanted my next piece to be cooked longer."It's good." I said, "But not like regular steak." I was being generous. Sometime after the wedding Pat contacted me and said, "Guess what, Chelsea is expecting!I was in my kitchen cooking and when I turned around Chris was on one knee with a ring!It was perfect, I could not imagine it any other way.

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