Validating datagrid flex

i.e I enter null in a cell, I tab out, it correctly displays the error message "Value cannot be null".

I enter a value in the cell, then the value is sent to backend database to see if it is valid and then brings back some related information. error message is displayed on the next cell if it is the second time.

Another quick post on validating a form using the String Validator, Number Validator, Zip Code Validator and Validator classes.

Not sure if this is the best method, but I used the Number Validator to validate that a Combo Box has a valid selection (the selected Index property was equal to or greater than 0), and I used a combination of String Validator and Zip Code Validator to make sure that the user enters a US Zip 4 zip code.

To do so, you can create an item renderer or item editor that incorporates a data validator.

For more information about data validators, see Validating Data.

Introduction We have already seen how to validate input data using Data Annotations and Data Input controls. Data Annotation provides a developer friendly Data Validation techniques. As follows: That's it run your application and try to change the first name and keep it empty or enter less than 4 characters.

Basically what I'm trying to accomplish is something like this pseudo-code: I'm trying to have a Save button that upon being clicked either processes the save, or highlights the invalid rows and pops up a message telling the user why the rows are invalid. Data grids are intended to be driven by their data rather than manipulated directly.

In the following example, you let the user edit the Price column of a Data Grid control.

You then define an event listener for the property.

Fetch the data from the server when the application starts so you can do the validation client-side when the cell is edited I am using prevent Default so that when press tab it does not tab out.

After some validation I am forcefully trying to position the cursor on a cell by using edited Item Position, but it is not working, I believe because of event.preventdefault.

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Because of some other complexities, I am not able to validate each row as it is entered. One way to accomplish what you are trying to do is to add some sort of property, say "valid", to the data objects in your provider and add code to the renderer to alter its appearance based on the state of "valid".

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