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The quick wit and oddball commentary you might be famous for with your friends is often hard to find when you’re trying to impress her.Or maybe on video, you’re too distracted thinking about how perfect the little dips are at her collarbones, or wishing you could kiss her.Additionally, because she’s not there in front of you–even when everything is working perfectly–she still may be distracted, and you can’t control that over video. The good news is that other guys out there have faced these exact same scenarios thousands of times before… and turned them into a comprehensive playbook, that shows you exactly what to do to get the girl, every step along the way…

Keep in mind, though, that if you do try to “take advantage” of video chatting, you fall into the danger I mentioned above: Can you show that you are interested with your eyes and facial expressions?

However, this is not the case with Face Time and other video chat apps.

When you’re chatting with her via a screen, it’s usually not even clear what you’re looking at.

However, for a lot of feminine types, you resisting clicking that video chat button just makes them feel like you’re not that interested, or the other way around: Clicking that video button says, It can be hard to tell how a specific woman will feel about it, so when in doubt, it’s probably best to call her.

(Plus, with the marked exception of meeting someone while traveling–even in an airport or on the plane–it’s rare for the two scenarios I described above to be valid for your situation.) Otherwise–especially early on in a relationship–seeing her on video only gives insight into your emotional distance.

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