Web became a sexists

Note: isset() only checks variables as anything else will result in a parse error.

In other words, the following will not work: isset(trim($name)).

Hence, it doesn't work how you'd think it would, (as documented) a var currently in the scope with a null value will return false.

Heres a quick solution, perhaps there are better ways of going about this, but heres my solution...

is_null($var)) if they wanted to check for this!

I know this is probably not the recommended way to do this, but it seems to work fine for me.

Instead of the normal isset check to extract variables from arrays (like $_REQUEST), you can use the @ prefix to squelch any errors.

= array()) Of course, that is very non-intuitive, long, hard-to-understand, and kludgy.

Better to design your code so you don't depend on the difference between an unset variable and a variable with the value null.

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