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Former "Client List" star Colin Egglesfield sounds like he could use a "massage" from Jennifer Love Hewitt ...

because he was busted over the weekend after going BALLISTIC at an art show in Tempe, Arizona.

According to Tempe PD, Egglesfield was arrested on Saturday for one count of disorderly conduct and one count of criminal damage.

The arrest report says cops spotted Egglesfield knocking over metal stanchions, flipping over a table, and breaking several signs.

Remember when Kate Hudson was married to Chris Robinson and her love life wasn't constantly in the news? And, now, we might be able to add one more name to the list - Kate's actor play on-screen fiances and have quite a number of kissing scenes.

That is, until Kate's bitchy character, Darcy, has her man stolen from her by her best friend, played by Gennifer Goodwin. It practically mirrors Kate's own real-life love triangle with Cameron Diaz and Alex Rodriguez.) Kate Hudson Hates Cameron Diaz"[Kate and Colin] kissed for a scene their very first day of working together - and they loved it," said a set insider to "They’ve been taking long strolls along the shore after sunset.

Further, he even has asked his co-star of television series Jenifer Lowe Hewitt for advice how to find a perfect girl that could become Colin Egglesfield girlfriend, because she knows a lot when it comes to dating and love, because she has been having her own shows on television about it.

It seems that she has given him some advice, because he states that she is a good person and it is nice to be working with her, because she knows what she does.

When you have a child that part of your life is over. Your libido is also less important than taking care of your kid.Thus, she should not complain about everything, because he does not like this kind of person’s that always find something that they can complain about.The most important thing that Colin Egglesfield girlfriend should know how to make is tacos and spaghetti, because these are his favorite foods and he loves to eat them.Quit whinging and focusing on your supposed social life problems and focus on raising your kid. Then she "grows up" and finally moves out, but not before quitting her job spontaneously, but thankfully good old Dad is there to finance her moving into a huge, expensive apartment, so she still hasn't grown up or accepted any responsibility, she's just playing a new fantasy.And btw the 'love-life' advice by her friend is horrendous as well, all about the stupid trope that keeping guys jealous and on edge by playing games and lying to them is the way to "trap" them. I threw up in my mouth a little then and had to stop watching.

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