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I have confidence in my beliefs, my decisions and myself.

I have felt tremendous support from family, friends and people I never met, and I want them to know that every encouraging letter, e-mail, text message or phone call has been a tremendous help.She sorted through her feelings by keeping a journal on her laptop (“I haven’t gone back to read what I wrote in December and January; I’m afraid to”) and undergoing intensive therapy that, as a psychology student, she strongly believes in and continues today. I wish I could bring up my emotions more at the time, but it usually comes afterward. These days, though, she’s finding it easier to laugh again and admits that she did find the parodies of herself “pretty hysterical, even if they were totally untrue.” After months of difficult work on the divorce, she now teases and plays practical jokes on her Richmond, Va.-based lawyers Richard Cullen and Dennis Belcher at the firm Mc Guire Woods, where twin sister Josefin Lonnborg is an associate in the London office.In the days before the divorce was final, she began to lose her hair, her body surrendering to the stress where her spirit would not. Within the year she plans to relocate to southern Florida so that the children will be near their father — who has, under Florida law, “shared parental responsibility” or, effectively, shared custody— after he moves into the million dream house that was built to be for the family of four. “I have visions of a great pool with slides,” she gushes, “a house you really live in — modern but cozy — and where all the kids want to play.” And she’s okay with being single.“I’ve not watched one minute of golf,” she declares.Only at night, before Sam inevitably wandered into her bed, would Nordegren allow herself to be alone with an anguish that caused insomnia and weight loss.

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Amid news that golfer Tiger Woods was arrested for DUI in Florida, focus has been drawn back to the athlete’s other dark moment in the spotlight: his dramatic, infidelity-fueled split from wife Elin Nordegren.

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