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Delivering enhanced support during the event The Organizing Committee of the Lanzhou International Marathon is committed to providing runners with a better experience and with optimized roadside services during the race.

This year’s event for the first time rolls out a prize category specifically for runners of Chinese nationality and locates the gathering venues alongside the city’s different bridges.

Continuously working for the benefit of the public The organizing committee of the event rolls out the Run for Dream 1KM program, which encourages disabled runners to participate in the One Kilometer course accompanied by their caregivers with the aim of conveying the marathon spirit.

Additionally, the organizing committee also invites runners to join the Saving Twelve Bottles When Running campaign which serves to make participants and bystanders aware of the importance of environmental protection.

Held on October 17–18, after a three years break, Zhejiang Chinese record holder Ma Miaolan won her second consecutive National Games title, winning the event with a total of 6236 points, her 16-year-old teammate Shen Shengfei set a new World youth record to finish second, beating Sichuan's Liu Xin by only one point.

Over 40,000 runners from 32 countries and regions signed up for the event.

In addition to injecting more energy and passion into the development of the city, the competition also helps showcase to the world the culture of the Yellow River basin, the generous hospitality of residents as well as the city’s advanced urban planning.

After having clocking 10.90 seconds in the heats (setting a new area record in the process), Sichuan's Li Xuemei easily won her semi-final before smashing her record in a high-level final with a time of 10.79 seconds.

took the silver medal in a personal best time of 10.89 seconds.

Guangxi twice Olympian veteran Tian Yumei finished third with a time of 11.06 seconds; equaling her personal best she had set in the semi-finals.

The final was won by Liaoning 17-year-old Li Jing in an astonishing time of 50.01 seconds.

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She beat Grit Breuer's world youth record of 50.48 seconds set in 1989 in the process.

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